John Paul Gray

John Paul Gray

Director of International Finance

Office #: 915-875-1073
Direct #: 915-474-2495
EMAIL: Jpgray@apollo-finance.com

John Paul Gray, as the Director of International Finance, orchestrates and assists in international transactions. Through his background and experience in banking, he is able to guide international and domestic clients through both the funding of letters of credit and the complex measures of a trade transaction. However, John Paul works in a way that equates to being much more than just a consultant to his financial clients. He prefers to take the initiative in propelling his clients' business further by actively participating in every aspect of a trade transaction to ensure its completion and compliance in a timely and efficient manner. His management approach is that of adding value and insight to each client while remaining transparent and direct. John Paul is a strong believer in the “Win! Win! or No Deal” method of business and prides himself on his belief that all parties to any transaction should and will be treated fairly and honestly and will be encouraged to continue business. When not working, John Paul enjoys spending time with his wife, Carilu, their daughter, Scarlett, and their Blue Heeler, Bear. A family of amateur movie and book critics, his home life is spent enjoying and discussing various forms of entertainment, but discussions often also venture into the areas of politics, current events, technology, and human rights. Although his formal education was at the University of Texas at El Paso with a degree in Economics and minor in Anthropology, John Paul considers himself a lifetime student, continuously reading and studying industry material in order to keep abreast of current market trends and to refine his expertise by obtaining various certifications in the field of banking, investments, and trade.

Spending time with his family, hiking reading and antiquing.